February 7, 2016

I Hope I Can

I was horribly abused mentally and emotionally as a child, not only by my mother, but also my sister. When I look back on those dark and horrible days, it seems like a lifetime ago.  Almost as if I've lived two separate lives while here on earth.

I decided to begin blogging, not only to share my journey from those dark days, but in sincere hopes of helping others to heal and to bring understanding.

I'm hardly the first person to experience and survive horrible abuse and bullying, but I think what you will find different about me is that there will be no sugar coating.  I am inviting you to see exactly how my mind evolved from a damaged mind to a healthy mind.

I believe what will make me different in my approach to hopefully help others, is that there will be times when you may not even like me because of choices I made through the fog of damaged thoughts.  I want people to understand what exactly happens to the mind and emotional well being of a child abused and how it scars the human mind for life.  However, regardless of the scars, it is possible to heal and become whole and complete without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

I realize that a lot of bloggers become popular in today's society through controversial posts regarding body shaming or bashing others for their lifestyles or beliefs.  I'm not interested in such things, because it's all verbal and emotional abuse.  There is a fine line between being honest and being abusive.

I'm more interested in helping people to understand how magnificent they are, and how the opinions of others, unless given with true honesty and care for your well being, is meaningless.

I hope you will join me, and travel with me through the journey I took to heal, and hopefully find something from my experience that will help you to either heal or simply appreciate the beautiful creation that you are.

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